Private lessons

Playing a piano is a personal experience of creativity. This experience inspires the students, contact with instrument encourages personal development and teaches to live in a moment. TonArt offers individual teaching programmes, trainings for companies, gift vouchers and possibility to rent our studio and/or equipment.

OUR LEARNING PROGRAMMES are designed for everyone, we invite to join not only those, who already have musical experience, but also those who want to start getting know the music with us.

We suggest to learn playing a piano under customized programmes, so we can offer personal programme for everyone who decides to take the first steps with the piano or improve the skills that are already gained. Programme for every student is created according to the needs at it is fulfilled at individual pace, on flexible timetable and with respect to the desired goals and abilities.

We encourage everyone to choose either a single lesson or a session of piano lessons to get the taste of playing the piano and experience something new.
For those who decide to go deeper in learning and know more, we have ready set of lessons for beginners.
Personal learning programme can be created for everyone who already have some musical training.

Private lessons for the beginners

Lessons for every person who wants to learn to play a piano are conducted only individually and in private.

Within the first lessons most of the attention is paid and time is used to:

  • get familiar with the instrument;
  • know pianist physiology;
  • define the musical aim for playing by ear;
  • plan the short and long term aims;
  • find the comfortable time for the lessons.

It is very important for us that the student would learn and would be able to repeat particular musical element. For this reason, we teach the same thing at least in two different ways:

  • through the body(hand) action;
  • through mind perception (eyes);

The expected result of training is nice sound of the note. Sound defines for both, tutor and student, how successfully the learning and teaching process goes.

Lesson time is used efficiently. Within one hour we do exercises (warm up of the muscles), learn new information, revise already known information, read musical notation and play the chosen musical piece.

Duration of the lesson is 60 min. 7-10 min are used for exercises, 45 min – for playing and solving the questions that arise, 5 min are left for the rest and unforeseen issues.

Private lessons for advanced students

The course is created for the students who want to revise the things they knew and skills they had, learn particular element of playing technique, music theory or harmony.

Advanced students are expected to be adults who have completed at least 5 grades of the music school or have attended private lessons for at least 5 years in a row.

Within the first lessons we get familiar with the knowledge and skills student already has (information that is already gained on music and instrument, ability to read musical notation), also find out the acceptable and suitable teaching style. Both parties agree on particular musical result that should be achieved and define the conditions necessary to reach the aim.

Lessons can be conducted by different tutors and if there is a need and possibilities the training can be given in Master Class style – we believe that variety of the professionals in the team helps to achieve the defined aim faster and in a more efficient way.

Advanced students are invited to perform in the open events organized by the studio and are the first ones who are suggested to participate in the public projects.