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We invite you to “TRY THE KEYS” – the special piano lesson course guided by professional concert pianists – specialized adult teachers. It consists of free introductory class + 3 individual piano classes.

After the course, you will

  • get familiar with the instrument, its mechanics and working principles;
  • learn pianists’ sitting posture and fingering;
  • be able to play 2 easy melodies solo or in 4 hands (with your teacher);
  • Get the professional consultation on how many classes You would need to make your dream come true.

1 piano class duration – 60 min. The time for all the classes will be adjusted individually.

Live piano classes take place in TonArt Piano Studio (A. Mickevičiaus str. 5 – 4, Vilnius). On request – remotely (Skype)

Already play piano?

Select the piece you want to learn or choose the music topic (e.g. the fingering, rhythm and etc.) and inform the teacher during the introductonary class.


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