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1 individual piano lesson – Get-Your-Answers in 60 minutes

The introductory lesson is the first meeting with the instrument, myself near piano and the professional teacher. You will learn (or remember) the origin of the piano, understand the mechanics, get-to-know seating and hand position near piano. Under the guidance of the teacher, you will learn 2 small pieces in 4 hands. Get-your-answers meeting is dedicated to experience Music, Instrument and Yourself in an extraordinary situation.

For the advanced student lesson will consist of the basic principles of playing, hearing yourself and will help in the desicion to get (or not) Music back to your daily life..

3 individual piano lessons – Music Tour

180 minutes next piano is a 3-stops music tour, where you can travel on TonArt Routes or choose Your direction. TonArt travels to:

  • Vienna Classics / Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven
  • Movies / Movie Music: Amelia from Montmartre
  • Piece / How to start learning the music piece.

You’ll find out and try the basic principles of playing in the first lesson. Second lesson will be dedicated to what every person needs to know about the topic. The third – practise!

3 individual lessons for advanced student is optimum duration for learning the TonArt method of reading the sheet music, fingering and rhythm learning techniques.

5 individual piano lessons – PIANO ABC

5 or 2.5 weeks will take you to become familiar with the basic principles of playing piano:

  • body and instrument anatomy, compatibility, motion and key control.
  • Note, Finger and Rhythm: inseparable triangle.
  • Sheet music magic: how to read the music score.

We strongly recommend You to attend this course without break in time.

10 individual piano lessons – BASIC PIANO COURSE + 1 LESSON AS A GIFT!

The basic piano course is made for Ones, who wants to give themselves time to understand, try, feel the piano and the commitment for the music. The course consists of 10 individual piano lessons where theory is ideally suited to practise and performance. It is a balance of time, tempo and rhythm between the themes of the piano ABC and the individual needs of the performer.

🎁You get ONE MORE lesson as a GIFT!


Arrange the meeting near piano and listen how Your music matches up with a friend, buddy, lover, sister, brother or co-worker! Experience arranged for people looking for the quality of time together. 90 minutes session will consist of learning:

  • the piece for 4 hands,
  • communication and collaboration skills for ensemble,
  • experience unique moments while playing and listening to each other.

Balanced for creativity in Your Life!

Instrument rent for self-practise

Looking for a gift for a piano lover? Give him or her time and space to enjoy piano.

Relax, enjoy the sound of music produced by your hands and…practise! TonArt piano studio, settled in prestigious Žvėrynas district located just a few steps from the Neris River (400 metres away from Parliament House) is waiting for piano lovers from all over the world. Look around our studio and surroundings:

Choose the instrument and book it. Price is set for 1 hour – 60 minutes. Instruments are rented only in the studio upon individual time arrangement.

Johannes Seiler 186 Traditio – brand new grand piano made in Germany 2020. „Intelligent technology and clear sound” – this sentence represent the heart of Seiler instrument. The professional seat near the instrument has strong construction, hydraulic lift mechanisms conveniently adapted to the musician’s needs.

E. Theden Konigsberg i pr. – Upright Piano was made in E. Theden manufactory based in Poland from 1895 to 1909. In 1985 this piano was purchased in Vilnius from from a jewish family. Mechanics fully restored in 2011: strings, hammers and dampers replaced. Piano has extremely nice, smooth keyboard. Professional piano bench with lift mechanism belongs to the instrument..

Casio Privia PX-350M – Digital Piano is a good idea for those who want to record samples of their music or “come back” to practise step by step. Available with or without the Panasonic RP-HT160 headset. Specs: . Professional piano chair is next to the instrument.


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