Milda Umbrusevičiūtė-Kavaliauskienė

Concert pianist


„Positive, inspiring, supportive and encouraging”, – this is the description of Milda from her piano students. Milda is sharing her knowledge with TonArt adults since 2017. She has taught more then 40 students and given more than 600 individual adult classes so far.

Eglė Andrejevaitė, pianistė, TonArt įkūrėja - nuotrauka Mindaugo Mikutėno

„I want to spread the love for piano music, and I admire those who are always eager to learn new things. I feel that I’m part of their piano dream coming true”.

Milda graduated from Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre in 2011, prof. Halina Radvilaite piano class. She is thelaureate of various international piano competitions. Milda gave piano recitals in Lithuania, performed in Latvia, England, Italy, Finland, The Czech Republic.

Topics of expert: piano hands technique, stage-fright.



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