Medeinė Mickevičiūtė

Concert pianist


„Teaching in tandem: sustaining attention and consistent work to give the possibility for adult students to play more technically complicated pieces with a difficult emotional meaning behind them. It’s possible even for those who haven’t played any instrument before. And yes, it is a long and complicated learning process, but how much beauty can be found on the way. For both – student and teacher.”

Medeinė Mickevičiūtė

Medeinė grew up in Šiauliai, went to Šiauliai Saulius Sondeckis Gymnasium of Arts (piano class of Marija Kaubrienė). She graduated from the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, piano class of prof. Jurgis Karnavičius, in 2020. As an Erasmus student M. Mickevičiūtė studied at the University of Arts in Belgrade, Serbia, under the guidance of prof. Vladimir Miloševič. Medeinė is currently doing her last year as a piano master at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre with prof. Ivari Ilja.

Medeinė has been teaching adults since the beginning of her studies in Lithuania. Since the summer of 2020 she was invited to join TonArt team.

Topics of expert: learning motivation, multi-dimensions of making music.

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