Why feedback is very important to us?

Main teaching and learning principles in TonArt studio are individual success (ability to repeat) and bright emotions experienced within the learning process. Your feedback helps to evaluate and understand if we have chosen the most effective means to reach the musical aim and if we have created teaching processes that motivate to learn playing the piano.

Each adult already has his/her own attitude and his/her learning ways are already formed. Every person is motivated by different aspects of music and instrument. Every person is affected by different teaching methods. Feedback helps us to understand what are the things that most of all helps and/or bothers in the process of learning to play a piano.

Teacher is able to deliver musical message only when the student relies on the teacher, that is why we are asking your personal feedback. Your opinions help us to understand what personal skills and qualities are needed to teach the adult to play a piano.

The road of self learning is pretty boring and grey, but Your teacher puts the colours to the process while accompanying, encouraging not to be afraid of mistakes and simply feel the music. In short- everyone can play a piano, but with your help it can be done even if you touch the instrument for the first time.


For me music is made not only from pressing the key. I also enjoy listening to the performed music. Mostly I am amazed by the sound of the piano that is very pleasant to listen to. Piano surely wins the digital piano in all the cases. In my lessons I liked most of all to play together with Agnė, i.e. four hands. At that moment the sound and harmony was so special that I wanted to listen more that play myself. It was hard to believe not believe that I am the part of the performance.


You are new generation teacher who has her own teaching methodology that fits me very good. You teach not only to play, but also to love instrument, love music, enjoy playing.


When I made a decision to start playing piano I seeked for the different experience after very intensive work that I do every day. With the time passing playing turned to not only a form of having the rest and stress relieve, but also to the process that actually activated the mental activity. Normally I have my piano lesson during the lunch time. Even the lesson lasts one hour it is still very intensive and makes you feel as if you were working for 2-3 hours. It is surprising that at that point I reach the office after the lesson is done, I feel full of energy again. My daily tasks are very multiple and various and normally I have to manage many projects at a time. Now it feels that playing the piano helps me to make a structure and manage things much more efficiently than ever before.


When it comes to new and completely unfamiliar activity it’s important to have trust in person who will teach you. Looking at Eglė, who is actively performing, whose radiance and passion for her work are beyond doubt, I have entrusted getting (?) everything I need to learn.


I like to feel myself as upcoming unprofessional pianist who will give concerts in the future and will play quite well. I also like your encouragement to loose inferiority complexes when I meet professional musicians (everyone started from scratch). I like the feeling of thirst after the lesson. Every time I get inspired.


We make a lot of mistakes while learning. The most important one is to understand and solve them. That’s what we do. I feel free at the lessons and I think this leads to long term motivation. I feel good when I am not under pressure, when I can flexibly schedule my lessons without feeling uncomfortable.


I like teaching methods that are very individual, as well as the ways that support motivation are. It’s like a short jazz session during each lesson.