Eglė Andrejevaitė

Concert pianist, founder of TonArt piano studio


„Adults who want to learn piano were fascinating me since the very first one I’ve met. Passion, motivation and determination they have never cease to amaze me. I think, I fall in love with music and performing over and over again with every story of my adult student. Being able to share my love of piano and music for me is precious.”

Eglė Andrejevaitė, pianistė, TonArt įkūrėja - nuotrauka Mindaugo Mikutėno

Eglė Andrejevaitė has been coaching adults since 2013. Teaching them piano coincided with her expanded career as a performing artist. The ability to synthesize formal and informal learning methods is what ensures the success of her adult piano students. The non-formal education of E. Andrejevaitė comes from her 20 years experience being a scout and volunteer in „Lithuanian Scouting”. Her field of interest – adult leadership and training. Holding the position of „Head of Training department” in 2004 Eglė ran The Training of Trainers – courses for the highest rank of leaders in the organisation. This experience directed her innovative glimpse to the professional field: her music work-shops for small groups as well as a unique training | event programe „The Team Concert” put special interest on how music and piano can serve for business creativity and comunication.

Topics of expert: physiology of performing artist, sound and articulation, preparation for the stage performance, individual learning style, practise time: efficient planning.



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